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2010-11-19 18:59:10 by BigDawg3000

i just got the new swishminimax 4 and its pretty sweet so ill be using that for now on!
here is a pic of me using the program.


Sonic gif

2010-11-06 21:41:50 by BigDawg3000

i was bored so i found this gif

Sonic gif

Needs help!

2010-08-15 20:21:34 by BigDawg3000

As you all know i have completed my first flash and im planning to make a new and BETTER one! so what i need help on is i need suggestions for really good dbz sprite sheets of really good effects i need them BADLY!!! that is all newgrounds!


2010-08-10 14:12:44 by BigDawg3000


good news!!!!

2010-07-21 14:52:46 by BigDawg3000

i am currently making a flash project with flash cs5 and im still getting used to it so it might be a while but in the mean time ciao!

good news!!!!

Dancing hobbes lmao

2010-07-13 17:31:47 by BigDawg3000

Look at him go, he's a natural!

Dancing hobbes lmao

Ok now

2009-11-14 20:08:47 by BigDawg3000

guys the animations i made are from a program that i was testing out so i knew those animations were crap i waz testing them to see if they upload properly on a program i waz using. i am going to use flash 8 for now on and im going to stick with sprites so yeah thx bye.

Hello Newgrounds

2009-11-13 19:01:16 by BigDawg3000

Hi im new to newgrounds and a will try and use flash programs as best as i can so im not that good yet.